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Although the opening in 2020 is still a fair way off, you can now experience the fascination of the new CCH for yourself – visit our exclusive showroom, which was officially declared open on 30 May 2017 at the construction site of the new CCH. With spectacular visualizations - from the first architectural sketches through to detailed 3D renderings, you can experience the development process of the CCH and the multi-faceted nature of the new event areas. One particular highlight is the interactive hologram, which lets you immerse yourself in the details of the highly flexible architecture.

Will you be visiting Hamburg soon or are you already planning your next event? Let’s talk it over in our new showroom! Featuring a relaxed atmosphere, the lounge area is an ideal place for the individual planning of your event at the new CCH.


CCH sales team

Call us on +49 40 3569 2222 or fill out the contact form to arrange your appointment with us at the new showroom – we look forward to welcoming you!

The new CCH - Showroom
The new CCH - Showroom
The new CCH - Showroom
CCH Showroom - getting there

Getting there

CCH Showroom
20355 Hamburg / Germany

The Tiergartenstrasse can be reached by feet, bike, taxi or car. Meeting point is at the gate of the construction site at the end of the street. For registration you will need your identity card or passport. If you will arrive by car there are a marked and limited number of parking spaces at the end of the Tiergartenstrasse available.