Three questions for Edgar Hirt …

Why is the CCH being renovated?

Large parts of the building services engineering are outdated and have to be replaced. Event organizers are also demanding more flexibility in terms of functionality, e.g. the relation between maximum seating capacity, exhibition space and foyer space. To remain competitive in the future, a comprehensive redesign of the floor plan and space layout is urgently needed. Furthermore, the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg is an extremely important institution for all the businesses providing related services within the 'Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg': From hospitality and food service to retail, transportation and other venues, not to mention the city's cultural scene, countless service providers benefit from the CCH.

What will define the new CCH?

The new CCH will perfectly accommodate the varying requirements of future event formats. Our marketing strategy, now and in the future, is targeting events with a minimum group size of 1,000 persons. In the future, the CCH will be able to accommodate several concurrent events virtually without limitations. The surpassingly expansive entrance hall of the CCH will provide an ideal event location predestined for product presentations and marketing events. The truly great aspects of the CCH will remain the same, however: Located in the city center in the immediate vicinity of numerous hotels and the Dammtor mainline train station, the CCH is as attractive a venue as ever, and a world-class convention center.

Could you sum up the changes?

Sure: "history designs future". History will repeat itself in 2019: The new CCH will continue its one-of-a-kind tradition. After all, Europe's most modern congress center at that time was opened in 1973 at its location in downtown Hamburg. We're also bringing along over 40 years of experience as we move ahead into the future!

Edgar Hirt, Unternehmensbereichsleiter Kongresse und Veranstaltungen