Unique debut at IMEX in Frankfurt: The CCHAIR RACE 4D

”The virtual journey of the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg continues. Now you can experience the new CCH in 4D,” says Heike Mahmoud, Chief Operating Officer CCH – Congress Center Hamburg, inviting all interested customers and trade show visitors. From May 21 to 23, the CCH team will present The CCHAIR RACE 4D at the IMEX show in Frankfurt.

This is how it works: At the Hamburg booth, no. G100, you will find a motion seat controlled by a hydraulic platform. The multidimensional movements of the seat are synchronized with a short movie the user watches on a set of VR goggles. The film takes the user on a virtual rollercoaster ride through the new CCH – Congress Center Hamburg.

“Through this fascinating tool we offer our customers an entirely new way to explore and understand the new CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. Users can feel the rollercoaster cart moving during the ride. They can even feel the wind blast, simulated by a fan. The system features additional special effects, such as slight bumps and shakes. This is pure excitement!” says Heike Mahmoud.

But even show visitors without VR goggle can follow The CCHAIR RACE 4D: On a large display screen they can see the ride from the user’s perspective.

"We are convinced that this is a perfect upgrade to our digital marketing strategy, and we are very much looking forward to letting our customers enjoy this magnificent experience at IMEX in Frankfurt,” Heike Mahmoud continues.

For comprehensive information about the new CCH – Congress Center Hamburg please go to www.the-new-cch.com.  

Contact person

Katrin von der Linde
Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH
Deputy Director PR Department
Phone: +49 40 3569-2091
Email: katrin.linde(at)hamburg-messe(dot)de

The new CCH – Great Expectations

The CCH – Congress Center Hamburg has been undergoing comprehensive modernization and remodeling since January 2017. With a total available exhibition space of 12,000 m2 (130,000 sq ft), another 12,000 m2 of foyer space, and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls and rooms, we will be offering our customers nearly unlimited options for their events as of August 2020. International specialist conventions with thousands of attendees? Workgroup meetings in break-out rooms? Company events featuring star guests on a grand stage? The new CCH does it (nearly) all! In terms of size and flexibility, the new CCH will set new standards in Europe. All spaces can be custom-configured to suit the given requirements and preferences. Situated in the central part of the city, the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg will be as attractive as it has always been – a true world-class convention center.