Hamburg – A convention capital

The CCH makes Hamburg a gateway for top national and international conventions and other events. Numerous regular international conferences and ground-breaking events from a wide range of industries have been at home in the heart of Hamburg for decades. With its multi-functional halls the CCH easily adapts to the requirements of any event, from scientific medical conferences and industry association conventions of many different sectors, to annual general meetings of publicly traded companies and company presentations, through to spectacular cultural or social festivals.

More than 15,000 events drawing roughly 17 million visitors from Germany and abroad have taken place at the Congress Center Hamburg to date. This makes the CCH an important economic factor. Every year convention and conference participants bring some 96 million Euros of purchasing power to the city, securing approximately 1,400 jobs.

The new investment will maximise the adaptability and functionality of the CCH, allowing the center to greatly increase the number of events hosted as of 2020. Again the new CCH will make history, and again it will add to Hamburg's attractiveness as an international convention and conference hub.